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Cheap LEDs and a good way to prevent loss of screws.

Yesterday (19th February 2019) I went into the local B&M in Catterick Garrison, I had found out from an old video by Clive from YouTube channel 'bigclivedotcom' that all year round B&M sold strings of lights, in the summer these being solar rechargeable ones for outdoor use that used LEDs as the lights, and that got me thinking, they could be used as a source of LEDs, solar panels and probably rechargeable batteries.

I also obtained a precision screwdriver set by Rolson for £4.99 which came with a magnetic tray as I am terrible for losing screws, as I wanted solely the magnetic tray the screwdriver was just a bonus for me (the same basic screwdriver is sold by Poundland so I'd have gone there if I wanted just the screwdriver).

As for the LEDs, I have Clive to thank for that information.

Here is the video that goes with this topic

Lamp base recycling

Modern LED and compact fluorescent lamps generally aren't enclosed in an envelope of glass, so what you can do is use the bases for your own lamp projects, as long as you're confident in your abilities to make a mains voltage circuit, or just use the components, if they are in good order, for other things.

For bayonet cap bulbs it tends to be that you either have to desolder the two pads on the bottom or pull out two pins to free off the wires, this should free off the power supply and allow you to remove it, on Edison screw lamps, one wire, usually live, goes to the tip, the other is connected to the screw thread, the tip may be a solder joint or a pin pressed into the housing, the other wire may be attached to the screw thread inside the bulb and may therefore be harder to remove, it is advised therefore to keep these wires in place if possible and disconnect them from the circuit board inside.

Be careful with CFLs as these can potentially contain all sorts of nasty things which have the potential to escape if the tube is broken and cause health problems, particularly mercury, the tubes are otherwise fully sealed even inside the base and the connection passes through the seals on the tube to the electronics inside, so the best reuse is to disconnect the electronics from the base.

The base can be then reused for a custom lamp if you so desire and you have confidence to build a mains powered circuit, be aware however that if you use a capacitive dropper as your choice of driver it will make any exposed metalwork live at mains voltage with nothing more than a diode at worst between whoever touches it and the mains supply

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