This page goes over repairs as and when they get published to the YouTube channel (where applicable), some repairs will have an advisory/warning suggesting that if you are unsure to consult a qualified technician.

LED TV repair

This video outlines the replacement of the logic board to repair a Technika LED32-E251 LED backlit TV, as the panel and power supply were working these are not removed or replaced

LED lamp temporary quick fix

Note: Only carry this out if you are absolutely sure you are able to without major damage to the lightbulb housing and you are confident in your abilities, note that you should also replace the bulb at the first available opportunity

The Philips LED lightbulb that has been in use in my bedside lamp failed on the evening of the 27th December 2019, most people would throw these out at this point however if access can be gained they can be repaired, on cheaper capacitive dropper based LED lamps the LEDs are referenced to the mains when powered on so extra care must be taken.

Firstly you will need some way to test whether the bulb has had a power supply failure or not, if you don't have anything don't worry too much, it it is possible to remove the power supply from the bulb (generally bayonet cap lamps make this easier by way of removing or desoldering the two contacts on the underneath of the lamp,  if there has been any sign of power supply failure, ie vented electrolytic capacitors or any traces of where its flashed over then you may not be able to repair the bulb.

To get the bulb working identify how the LEDs are connected, and bridge out all the ones (usually one or two) that have failed (you'll see they'll have gone black inside), and test the bulb, if it lights it is fixed, put the cap back on if you have not already and put it back into the light fitting you used it in before, however you must remember to replace the bulb as soon as possible, it is more than likely that the LEDs still in the lamp are now being over driven and their lifespan will be considerably reduced.

Also see the hints, tips and advice page on recycling old lamp bases