Spoof public safety videos regarding electronics

This is where you'll find an array of spoof public safety videos I have made regarding electronics.

Capacitive droppers: they're deathtraps

This video was inspired by the fact I immensely dislike the capacitive dropper power supply, the one featured in the video was a demonstration unit I built myself and I recommend against building one yourself, the Chinese use capacitive droppers in cheap power supplies, whereas most others use isolated switch mode supplies, capacitive droppers offer no isolation from the mains supply, for a good example of this, search bigclivedotcom's channel, particularly the "death gay Dalek" camping lights he featured.

Cheap LED Lightbulbs: They're illuminating deathtraps

Another one inspired by my dislike of the capacitive dropper power supply, LED lightbulbs by major manufacturers tend to use a switch mode power supply to run the LEDs however cheap pound shop/dollar store and lightbulbs from Chinese sellers on ebay use a capacitive dropper to run the LEDs as it's a cheap and simple power supply, though quite deadly if the plastic diffuser is damaged or parts company with the bulb housing because all the LEDs are referenced to the mains supply, not good

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