What happens when you pass 240 volts through...

This is a series of videos where I pass UK mains voltage through random items, some not designed or meant to pass electricity at all and some not designed for mains voltages, and see what happens including current drawn, in a safely controlled setup using home made "electrocution devices" to connect things to the mains, smoke and sparks and arcs will very well ensue, and also expect the unexpected given the unpredictable nature of electricity.

As with anything like this DO NOT try recreating the contents of these videos at home, I've took every precaution to ensure safety at all times.

I hope to start filming the series in the coming weeks, the foot switch required to complete the safety system arrived the morning of the 4th January, ahead of schedule and was wired up and tested the same day with a light bulb and a multimeter, all is working and ready for filming.

I am in the process of setting up a companion website for the series, it is live and is here though take into account it is under construction

A full list of released episodes will appear on this page and the companion website

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